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Robertson Geoconsultants Inc.
AATA International, Inc.
Abitibi Geophysics
Access Consulting Group
ACI Associates, Inc.
Afrasia Mining Energy & Environment Engineering & Consultancy A.S.
AguaEx Geociencias
AguaEx Geociencias SpA
AJ Thompson Business Services
Alberta Geological Survey
Alcock Mcphar Geotech India Ltd.
All One River Exploration / GIS
ALS Minerals
AME Mineral Economics
American Geological Services, Inc.
APEX Geoscience Ltd.
Applied Ecosystem Services Inc.
APT - Mineral Processing Plants
Aqua Data Perú S.A.
AquAeTer Inc.
ARCALA Consultoría,Comercializaciòn y Servicios S.A.C.
Arethuse Geology Sarl
Associated Geologists, Inc.
ATLIS Geomatics
Aurora Geosciences Ltd.
Aurum Exploration Services
Austhai Geophysical Consultants Limited
Automated Systems Alliance, Inc.
BAP Equipment Ltd.
Beak Consultants GmbH
Bell Geospace, Inc.
Benchmark Surveying Services
Big Red Resources
Big Sky Geophysics
Blethen Mining Associates, PC
Blue Goo Enterprises, LLC
Bob King & Associates
Bolton Montesi & Assoc.
Borehole Mining International Inc.
Bright Earth Consulting Ltd
Burgex Mining Consultants
Canadian Seabed Research Limited
Caracle Creek International Consulting Inc.
Caslys Consulting Ltd.
Censere Group
Changsha Enyu Engineering Equipment Co. Ltd. - Drilling Bits, Rock Drilling Tools
Chemistry RG Consultant Inc.
Cia Minera Del Pacifico S.A.
Citrus Partners LLP
Clifton Associates, Ltd - Natural Environment S.C.
Consultores de Recursos Minerales
Cooper Aerial Surveys
Crone Geophysics and Exploration Limited
CSA Global
CSols, Inc.
Dejic Ltd. Consulting
Derk Ingenieria Y Geologia Ltda.
Determination Drilling & Soil Investigations
Devon Geological Services Ltd
DGI Geoscience Inc.
Discover Geological Consultants Inc.
Dr. Chris Blake Mineralogy Consulting
Eads Group
Eco-Friend Inc
EDI Environmental Dynamics Inc.
Engineered Process Solutions
Equity Exploration Consultants Ltd.
EUREKA Geo Consultants
Exploraberg E.I.R.L.
Flowers Chemical Laboratories, Inc.
Galyen Geologic Consulting Service
Garth B. Burton, Geophysical Consultants
Gateway Solutions
Gauss Consultores
Geoblast S.A.
Geodatos S.A.I.C.
Geoequipos S.A.
Geoestudios Ltda.
Geoexploraciones S.A.
GeoFokus Consulting Ltd
GeoGeny Consultants Group
GeoGlobal, LLC
Geoimage Pty. Ltd.
Geoinstruments S.A.C
Geologia De Proyectos Geologica Ltda.
Geomap Srl
Geomapping Associates Ltd.
Geomar Software Inc.
Geomecánica Latina S.A.
Geominex Pty Ltd.
Geomorph Instruments
GEOS Mining
Geosigma AB
GEOSOL - Geologia e Sondagens S/A
Geostats Pty Ltd.
Geostokos Limited
Geotork Sondagens Perfurações Geofísica e Hidrogeologia Ltda
Geovale Services
GF Consult bvba.
Global Ore Discovery
GlobExplore Drilling
Good Earth Drilling Services Ltd.
Gpac S.R.L.
G-tek Australia Pty Limited
Hager GeoScience, Inc.
Hager-Richter Geoscience, Inc.
Hamilton Exploration
Hekla Consulting Ltd
Heuristica Ambiental Consultoria
IBJ Technology
Impac S.A.
Independent Resource Estimations
Inema Ingenieros Aseroes, S.L.
Ingenious Bran Consultants Private Limited
INNOVAPUCP - Centro de Consultoría y Servicios Integrados Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú
InnovExplo inc.
Kansc Consulting Ltd
KBMEC Limited
Kendall Mining & Equipment Co. 'KMEC'
Killin Geophysical
Knight Piesold Ltd.
L&W Soporte Logistico Integral S.A.C.
Latitude Geographics Group Ltd.
Laurie Cyr Drilling Services
Leggette, Brashears & Graham, Inc.
Lilburn Corporation
Lyatsky Geoscience Research & Consulting Ltd.
Lynn Canal Geological Services
Macroscopic Solutions Imaging Core RC Chip Logging
MarcChile Limitada
Matrix Exploration Ltd
Maxwell GeoServices Inc.
MBV Mineral Investments
MCD Exploration and Survey LTD.
McEwen Geological LLC
Mercator Geological Services Ltd.
Metcom Ltda.
Mexican Geological Survey - Servicio Geológico Mexicano
Microbac Laboratories, Inc.
Midland Research Center LLC
Millennium GeoScience
Minconsult Exploration Services Ltd.
MineMappers, LLC
Mineral Business Appraisal
MinEx Associates
MinEx Consulting Pty Ltd
Mining Patch Associates
Minserve Group Pty Ltd.
N.Tribe & Associates Ltd.
National Exploration, Wells & Pumps
New Era Systems Inc.
Nexgeo, Inc.
Northwest Geophysical Associates, Inc.
OGK Group
One TN Mining and Exploration Services
OreQuest Consultants Ltd.
Orex Minerals Inc.
Overburden Drilling Management Limited
Pelican GeoGraphics Ltd
Petros Eikon Incorporated
Porcupine Canvas
Pozitif Sondaj San. Tic. Ltd. Sti.
Precious Metals Economics Consulting
Precision GeoSurveys Inc.
Prospectivity Mapping Services
Proyectos y Estudios Mineros del Perú S.A.C.
Quantec Geoscience Ltd.
R.A. Miller, R.G.
Remote Exploration Services
Remote Sensing Geoimage S.A.C.
Resource & Exploration Mapping Pty Ltd
Ridgeline Diamond Drilling Ltd.
Roc Resources
Rock and Stock Investments
Rock Drill
Rocky Mountain Environmental Corporation
Rojas & Asociados Mining Consultants
RPA Inc.
RSC Mining and Mineral Exploration
RungePincockMinarco RPM
RWE Technology International
Salhaney Enterprises, Inc.
Satellite Imaging Corporation
SBL Geomatics
Scott Geophysics Ltd.
Sino QZ Group
SkyTEM Surveys ApS
Smee & Associates Consulting Ltd.
SNL Metals Economics Group
Snowden Group
Solidus Geological Services
Spectral Geophysics
Spektra Jeotek
Sproule Associates Limited
Starsoftware Informática Ltda
Stea Surficial Geology Services
Steigers Corporation
Stereometrics, Inc.
Streamline Planning Consultants
Taiga Consultants Limited
Tequendama Industria SAS
Terra Modelling Services Inc.
Terranalisis Ltda.
TerraNotes Ltd.
The Natural History Museum
ThreeSummiT LLC
Trelleborg AB
Trinity Energy & Infrastructure Group, LLC.
TSL Laboratories
ULC West Africa
Umaco Gold Pty Ltd.
UnixWorX System Design Data Engineering
UTM Exploration Service Ltd.
V.M. LaPierre & CIA. S.A.
VP3 GeoServices (Pty) Ltd.
Watts, Griffis and McOuat Limited
Wellfield Services Ltda
Western Resource Consultants
Western Satcom Alliance
Whelan's Mining and Exploration, Inc.
Willowstick Technologies LLC
Wolfgang Hampel
XRF Scientific Ltd
Xstract Group
Z Star Mineral Resource Consultants (Pty) Ltd.
Zonge International, Inc.
Akens Engineering Associates
Alpha Geoscience Pty Ltd.
Aztec Engineering Co. Ltd.
Bloomsbury Minerals Economics Ltd.
Cima Dorada S.A. de C.V.
Clark Testing
Department of Primary Industries
Deza Ingenieros
Diamond Consultants Canada
Double B Consulting Co.
Eldorado Mineral Associates Ltd.
Geoambiente - Sensoriamento Remoto Ltda