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acQuire Technology Solutions Pty Ltd.
Advanced Satellite Productions Inc.
Aero Geometrics Ltd.
Airborne Sensing Corporation
Alltech Mining & Forestry Supplies Ltd.
ANFIS Consulting
ASL Borstad Remote Sensing Inc.
ATLIS Geomatics
Auracle Geospatial Science Inc. (AGS)
Aurum Exploration Services
Automated Systems Alliance, Inc.
Bond Consulting Engineering Inc
Bore Repair Systems, Inc
British Columbia Ministry of Energy and Mines
Canadian German Chamber of Industry and Commerce Inc.
CartoData SA CV
Centre for Industrial and Commercial Subcontracting of Ontario (STICO)
Cia. Minera Cascabel S.A. de C.V.
Cooksley Geoscience, LLC
David C. Fitch, Consulting Geologist
Davidson & Sons Custom Brokers Ltd.
Deakin Industries
Dominion Blue Digital Reprographics
Dudley Thompson Mapping Corporation Inc.
Eagle Mapping Ltd.
EECOL Electric
EUREKA Geo Consultants
Excel Geophysics Inc.
Exploration GIS
Firestone Ventures Inc.
Four Leaf Solutions Inc.
Geoanalytic Inc
Geofisica TMC, SA de CV
GeoMax Information
Geosoft Inc.
Geotech Computer Systems, Inc.
Geothermal Education Office
Gibbs Associates
GIS Integrated Solutions
Global Energy Decisions
Halltech Environmental Inc
Imexko Greenstone Enterprises
Inflatable Packers International
Infynia Technologies
Ingenieria Dibujo y Geologia
Jaworski Mapping & GIS
JNE Consulting Ltd.
Jones Maps & Diagrams Ltd
KPI Industrial Controls Inc.
Larder Geophysics Ltd.
Latitude Geographics Group Ltd.
Legend Inc.
LiDAR Services International
Macroscopic Solutions Imaging Core RC Chip Logging
Major Drilling Group International, Inc.
Manitoba Science, Technology, Energy and Mines
Mira Geoscience Limited
Mountain Valley Geophysics Corp
MPX Geophysics Ltd.
MQes - Mine and Quarry Engineering Services, Inc.
Mueser Rutledge Consulting Engineers
Nampcy Solutions Ltd.
National Mine Map Repository (NMMR)
Nautical Data International Inc
Network Innovations
Northern Foodservices
OWL Technical Associates, Inc.
Penguin Automated Systems Inc.
Peter E. Walcott & Associates Ltd.
Petros Eikon Incorporated
Process Register, Inc.
Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada (PDAC)
Quantec Geoscience Ltd.
Quebec - Ministry of Natural Resources and Wildlife - Ressources Naturelles et Faune
Remote Control Technologies (RCT)
Resource World Magazine Inc.
Rich River Exploration Ltd.
RIEGL Laser Measurement Systems GmbH
RMS Instruments
Sander Geophysics Limited (SGL)
Satellite Imaging Corporation
Schmersal Group
Sensors & Software Inc.
Servicios HidroGIS
SkyTEM Surveys ApS
Spectra Precision
Spectral International Inc. (SII)
Stewart Brothers Drilling Co.
Stockton Infrared Thermographic Services, Inc.
Stonex México S. de RL de CV Co.
Taiga Air Services Ltd.
Taiga Consultants Limited
techniCAL Systems 2002 Inc.
TerraCAD Drafting and GIS Services Ltd
Terraquest Ltd.
TerraSource Software LLC
The Fraser Institute
The Northern Miner
Topographic Imaging, Inc.
Tundra Airborne Surveys Ltd.
TWS Consulting LLC
U.S. Department of the Interior,Bureau of Land Management
Uravan Minerals Inc.
Walter AG
Western Mining Directory
World Data Center for Marine Geology and Geophysics
YGC Resources Ltd.
3D DataCom
Aberdeen Helicopters Ltd.
Airborne Scientific Inc.
ASC Scientific
Barrows Company
Brock Solutions, Inc.
Canadian Micro Gravity Ltd.
Commercial Solutions Inc.
Exploration Services Reg'd
Fieldworker Products Ltd.
Fornax Solutions Inc
Fuelcell Propulsion Institute
GDMS (Geographic Data and Management Solutions)
Geomodeling Technology Corp.
Geophysics GPR International Inc.
Geosearches Inc.
Godbe Drilling, LLC
Gustavson Associates
Henkle & Associates
Kettle River Ventures
Kiska Metals Corporation
LAND INFO Worldwide Mapping, LLC
Lidar US LLC
Mapco Inc
Mill Man Steel Inc.
Newco Inc.
North Face Software Ltd.
Northstar Frontier Services, LLC
Pacific Geomatics Ltd.
Phoenix Geophysics Ltd.
RMS Technology, Inc.
SJ Geophysics Ltd.
Stride Systems
Surveying & Mapping, Inc. (SAM)
TCI Software
TUV Rheinland Group
World Energy Efficiency Association
World Gold Council (WGC)
Wyoming State Geological Survey
Abitibi Controls
Able Software Company
Aguirre & Danesi Tecnologías S.A. de C.V.
Alaska Earth Sciences Inc.
Applied Geographics, Inc.
Avalon Development Corporation
BSI Group
Canadian Exploration Services (CXS) Ltd.
Canadian Space Agency
Canuck Drilling Systems Ltd.
Challenger Geophysical Ltd.
Corriveau J.L./3D Scanning
Devel-Tech Inc
Earth Data Northeast, Inc.
Earth Science Associates
ENKON Information Systems Inc.
Enviro-Tech Surveys Ltd.
Epic Scan Ltd.
Franklin Empire Inc.
Geo Lógica Consultoria Ambiental Ltda
Geo/SQL Technologies Inc.
GeoEngineers, Inc.
Geografx Digital Mapping Services
Geoline Positioning Systems
Geologic Data Systems
Geomap Company
Geophysical Instrument Supply Co. (GISCO)
Geosphere Inc
Goldak Airborne Surveys
Hinz Inc.
IBM Corporation
J.D. Barnes Ltd.
Lamontagne Geophysics Ltd.
MicroImages, Inc.
Minex Exploration Company
National Technical Information Service (NTIS)
Noetix Research Inc.
Northway-Photomap Inc.
Nunavik Mineral Exploration Fund
OSI Geospatial Ltd
Pacific Survey Supply
R.B. Brown Land Surveying Ltd.
Scan Conversion Services Inc.
Sheahan - MDRU Literature Service
Space Imaging
The Mining Record
The Orthoshop
Abacus Datagraphics
Acme Resources Inc.
ADM Systems Engineering Ltd.
Adventis Geoservices Inc.
Aerocon Photogrammetric Services, Inc.
Aeroquest International Limited
Applied Robotics Inc.
Arcturus Ventures Inc.
Atna Resources Ltd.
AuRico Gold
Autopro Automation
Barrick Gold Corporation
Can-Am Geomatics
Canary Systems, Inc.
Carnegie Mellon University
Cedar Box Company
Cirrus Systems, LLC
Computational Geosciences Inc.
Cowper Inc.
Dimension Technology Solutions
Discovery International Geophysics Inc.
Earth Resources Technology
Electro Controles del Noroeste, SA de CV
Enviroscan, Inc.
EON Geosciences Inc.
FGR Automation
Firmatek, LLC