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Applied Speciation and Consulting, LLC
Cannon Microprobe
Cromes Metallurgical Consulting, a PLLC
DCM Science Laboratory Inc.
DryVac Services
Engineered Process Solutions
Field Engineers Inc
Hazen Research, Inc.
Hydrometal, Inc.
Kappes, Cassiday & Associates
Knight Piesold Ltd.
M.D. Campbell and Associates
Macroscopic Solutions Imaging Core RC Chip Logging
McClelland Laboratories, Inc.
McEwen Geological LLC
Mineral Optics Laboratory
MQes Uranium Inc.
O'Kane Consultants Inc.
P.I. International
Paterson & Cooke
Prizma LLC
Process Engineering Resources, Inc. (PERI)
Sacre-Davey Engineering
Sepro Mineral Systems Corp.
SGS Metcon/KD Engineering
SLR Consulting Ltd.
SNF Flomin, Inc.
X9 Gold Development, Inc.
Geo-Processors USA, Inc.
Johnson & Associates
Offshore Scrap Iron
Richard S. Kunter & Associates
Rod Johnson and Associates, Inc.
McWane and Associates
Petrographic Consultants International, Inc.
RJ Lee Group, Inc.
BCCK Engineering Inc.
DRA Global
Environmental Engineering Corp.
Greenbank Energy Solutions Inc.
Haag Engineering
HydroGeoSense Inc.
International Lining Technology
Mineral Technologies
Mineral Technologies, Inc.
Pace Global Energy Services, LLC
PasteThick Associates
Pennoni Associates Inc
Powell Companies
Reed Laboratories
Roche Ltd, Consulting Group
Soane Mining LLC
Spectrum Petrographics Inc.
Stacey Leichliter Consulting LLC
Tierra Group International
Walker & Associates Inc.
Diazem Corporation
GENTERRA Consultants, Inc.
Industrial Pipe Fittings, LLC
R.A. Miller
Ross Consulting