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Sandvik Mining
Algeco Scotsman
Atexor Oy
Bedford Group Inc.
Clear Edge Filtration
Control System CA, Inc.
Doofor Oy
Finnosalo Oy
Helso Oy
Labtium Oy
Mine On-Line Service
RF Technologies Inc.
Robit Rocktools Ltd.
Scott Safety
SF-Fennica Oy
Sleipner Finland OY
SNF Flomin, Inc.
Sofi Filtration Ltd
Teknikum Oy
IMA Engineering Ltd. Oy
Kumera Corporation
Veekmas Ltd.
University of Oulu
3M Corp.
Ab Scandinavian GeoPool Ltd.
Ahlstrom Corp.
ALLU Group
ALMA Consulting Oy Ltd
Aquamec Ltd
Arctic Drilling Company
Arvelin International Oy
BOS Container USA Inc.
Cargotec Corporation
Cathodex Oy
CRC Industries Americas Group
Finnish Standards Association SFS
Flowrox Oy
Geological Survey of Finland
Inspecta Sweden AB
Interim Management Special Services
JL-Joustoliitin OY
Junttan Oy
Katsa Oy
Levanto Oy
Maanrakennus Alamäki Oy
Mevea Ltd.
Miilux Ltd
Moventas Gears Oy
Nanol Technologies Oy
Nokian Tyres
Nordic Lights
Nordic Mines
Nordkalk AB
Normet Oy
Norrhydro OY
Nurmeksen Tyosto ja Tarvike Oy
Outotec Oyj
OY Kati AB Kalajoki
Oy M. Rauanheimo Ab
Oy Machine Tool Co.
Oy Waski Weld Ab
Palsatech Oy
Pora-Agentti Oy
Pöyry Plc
Proffice Mining
Proventia Emission Control Oy
Rastar Oy
Rotator Oy
Sampo Hydraulics Ltd.
Scandinavian Copper Development Association
SINMAChine Oy 
SPECIM/GeoSpectral Imaging
Stress Measurement Company Oy
Tammermatic OY
Tapojarvi Oy
Tapojärvi Oy
Terra-Team Oy
Vacon Plc
Vaisala Oyj
Wartsila Corporation